Vision and Mission

To become a respected and prosperous multi-national company in the fields of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction.

To become a market leader in Indonesia and a respected global player in the fields of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction through a professional project management.

Corporate Culture

Responsive, prompt and accurate in executing works smart, courageous and though in solving problems solidity and unity in team working.

Business Principle

Be diligent. Laziness results in misfortune. Be friendly to everyone. Impatience causes detriment. Be economical. Wastefulness plunders capital. Show responsibility. Irresponsibility leads to difficulties. Be calm and self confident. Rushing without considering risks only impedes.

Be wise and honest. Bad management gives chance for corruption. Investigate every matter prudently. Carelessness impedes prosperity. Control stocks systematically. Sloppiness creates havoc. Examine every expenditures and revenues. Inattentiveness is expensive. Distinguished between good and bad. Being indifferent paralyzes business. Be just to everyone. Prejudice creates laziness and rejection.

Never waste on chances and opportunities. Delay eliminates opportunity. Examine every contract prudently. Breaking promises destroys trust. Be direct and businesslike in giving away credits. Over generosity wastes capital. Inspect goods thoroughly before accepting. Improper inspection results in a loss.


 Health & Safety and Environmental Policy



We, PT. Bukit Jaya Abadi, are committed to a health & safety and environmental management system as a high priority to achieve continual improvement in regard to work related injury & illness and the environment. At PT. Bukit Jaya Abadi, occupational health & safety and the environment is our prime concern and important objective. We are conscious of our responsibility for creating, maintaining and ensuring safe environment, reduce health & safety hazards and prevention of pollution through application of efficient technology and safe work practices.

We are committed to:

Minimise the health & safety hazards and environmental impacts of our existing processes / activities

Introduce programmes that aim to minimise waste and dispose of waste in a responsible and safe manner

Minimise energy use through effective energy management

Creating an environment of teamwork as well as increase the system awareness to all employees

Comply with relevant laws and regulations

Make this policy available to the public


Quality Policy

We are committe to fulfill our vision and mission by active and continuously improve :

Strive for high quality operations to deliver products and services beyond international standard.

Human Resource
Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement throughout the company.

Customer Satisfaction
Strive to exceed customer expectations to achieve toptimum customer satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responbility
Contribute positively to the nation’s economic and community services.