Infrastructure is always needed to increase economic and wealth of a nation. Good infrastructure is needed to distribute product and services efficiently across the nation.

Bukit jaya Abadi is a major erector of structural steel. Our work encompasses all types of steel construction, including steel bridges in infrastructure project all around Indonesia and neighboring countries. At Bukit jaya Abadi, we insure quality through our project management and control systems, developed on the job in hundreds of diverse projects over our more than 36 years history.

We have combined the skills and experience of our people, from site manager and supervisors to crew members, into cohesive, smooth-functioning teams guided by communication and personal pride in their work. We take an engineering approach to every job, instituting systems and technology that ensure quality and cost efficiency. Attention to coordination, control and scheduling helps minimize waste and maximize output.

Our capabilities range from engineering, design and detailing through fabrication and erection, enabling us to handle the complete project of the steel bridge. Emphasis is always placed on execution. Completing the job as scheduled and to the highest infrastructure international and national standards.

A truss bridge as one kind of steel bridge is a bridge composed of connected elements (typically straight) which may be stressed from tension, compression, or sometimes both in response to dynamic loads. A truss bridge is economical to construct owing to its efficient use of materials.

A girder bridge, in general, is a bridge built of girders placed on bridge abutments and foundation piers. In turn, a bridge deck is built on top of the girders in order to carry traffic.

Railway bridges commonly use boxbeam as the main material, and BJA as one of several big bridge EPC is having ability to work on it with accuracy and precision. All of our projects is spread from west to the far east of Indonesia started from 74 tons of Panuwun Mukti bridge in Banyuwangi East Java, Mentraman B-40 bridge in Malang East Java, Purwodadi bridge, 125 tons of Bekatong & Hapoi bridge in East Kalimantan and many projects around the countries.