Bukit Jaya Abadi is an EPC contractor in power plant development sector. As an Engineering, Procurement and Construction company we have over three decades of experience in the development of state-of-the-art, environmentally concern power solutions, primarily in Steam, Hydro, and geothermal energy generation. In addition to designing, developing, and building power plants, Bukit Jaya Abadi also designs, and manufactures all steel structure materials by itself.

Bukit Jaya Abadi today is being vertically-integrated provider of power plants construction that designs, develops, builds and manufactures most of the steel structure used in its plants. The in-depth knowledge gained from all of our projects gives us a competitive edge by enabling efficient maintenance and timely response to construction issues. With modern heavy equipments which are supported by high technology of machinery, and supports by many experiences in power plants construction across Sumatera to Sulawesi, Bukit Jaya Abadi is a state-of- the-art EPC contractor that we have refined and perfected through years of use under the most challenging conditions on all project sites in Indonesia.

Bukit Jaya Abadi involves original designs of coal shelter which is becoming the first project in Indonesia Power Plants history, and also developer of clarifier, air compressor, chemical injection, fire water pump shelter, turbine house, main operational building, Gantry support structure, and switchyard structure. Participating the global trends in awareness of green environments, Bukit Jaya Abadi is committed to developing green, and sustainable power plant constructions. Through the development of pioneering technology in steel assembling and eco-green waste recycle in galvanize process, pioneering technology in steel assembling and eco-green waste recycle in galvanize process, we are able to create green projects for the environments, preserving better life for future generations. Wherever we operate, we are dedicated to working with the community and to supporting local development through job creation, development funds and volunteering. We work hand in hand with local government to help them create their own electricity through all placed on their region.

Bukit Jaya Abadi was founded and is still managed by pioneers in the Power plants construction field. Today, Bukit Jaya Abadi employs over 1000 people all over Indonesia. At cutting-edge market & product research and manufacturing facilities, our engineers research efficient and effective power plant construction designs. At our power plant projects, we train and employ local residents who join the team.

Poised for Growth Bukit Jaya Abadi’s current portfolio drives profitable operations and financial stability. Through a combination of company growth and branding strategy, Bukit Jaya Abadi is well positioned for future growth. We plan to continue building a geographically balanced portfolio of all variant power plant projects, while maintaining our position as a leading Steel Structure EPC Company, product innovator and service provider in Indonesia.

Our experience list, such as

Coal Fired Power Plant Rembang
Coal Shed Long Span – Stok Pile Steel Structure L=396m, W=185m

Mini Hydro Power Plant 500KV
Ketenger, Purwokerto – Central Java

PLTM Sampean Baru (1x750KW 1×1.250KW)
Bondowoso (East Java)

Stack & Chimney PLTGU Gresik
Gresik – East Java

Coal Fired Power Plant Lampung (2x100MW)
Lampung – Bandar Lampung

Coal Fired Power Plant Asam  Asam 3 & 4 (2x65MW)
Asam Asam – South Kalimantan

Coal Fired Power Plant Kupang (2×16.5)
Kupang – East Nusa Tenggara