As the infrastructural phase of the SEA GAMES and PON preparation project comes near, government is more concern on Sport Centre development on all province around Indonesia country. In a developing country like Indonesia, the most important question to ask when planning and implementing a project of this nature is what the postevent use of the infrastructural investment will be. But a massive Indonesia’s government attention for the sport development can erase the doubt about it.

The fact that badminton and soccer have a lot of big fans in Indonesia is helpful. This country has also used sports stadiums for major political rallies, concerts and religious events. They can, therefore, also be used for activities outside of sport.

Despite the challenges, Indonesia as the big country on south east Asia will deliver “a truly world-class Sport Centre” around all province in Indonesia. So the development of sport centre in every city in this counttry to promote sport as life style in the civilization isn’t just a dream.

Over the years, the crown structure of the sport centre is considered to give important architectural value to the overall structure. Through its steel structure diciplines, Bukit Jaya Abadi with its expertise in Steel structure EPC develops architectural steel design which uses steel as its main component to form in almost anyway, because of the flexibility and durability of steel. Our EPC service can assist you from design, engineering, procurement and construction of architectural steel.