With the coming energy transition to a sustainable and differentiated energy supply system means the electrical infrastructure will face great challenges. Although the former electrical distribution designs is of reasonable age, we believe that the introduction of innovative substation designs will prolong the utilisation of the current model and shape it to become a flexible smart substation at acceptable cost. The visionary design of our products and services will fully support the future needs of the electricity distribution.

At Bukit Jaya Abadi we are strongly committed to four values – Customer Focus, Competitiveness, Quality and Long-term Relationships. We claim as one of the biggest companies in EPC Projects in the field of Substation development. The longtime focus of Bukit Jaya Abadi with the electricity distribution market has proven our strong commitment to support our customers with strategic important products and services in a sustainable and profitable manner.

We undertake EPC substations projects on all placed in Indonesia from Sumatera until Papua, offering a complete range of services in Design, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Supply and Construction with our in-house expertise. We are among a few EPC service providers in Indonesia, which possess the capabilities to execute EPC projects covering Power distribution business.

We have partnership with Duta Cipta Pakarperkasa established manufacturing plants at Waru Gunung and Kedung Anyar with a combined manufacturing capacity of 42,000 MT per year for Substation. We have relationships with many clients across Indonesia. With a strong Project Management base, we offer the advantages of lower operating cost, efficient deliveries and services that exceeds the expectations. deliveries and services that exceeds the expectations.

Our experience list:

  • Rekonducting 70 kV and Uprating CT 70 kV Minahasa System Project
  • Project of 150 kV TELLO, Galvanized Mild Steel Substation, Pikitring – Sulawesi
  • Line Bay Substation 150 kV, Balikpapan
  • Project of 150 kV Substation, Pikitring – Kalimantan
  • Project of Line Bay 150 kV Substation, Sinjai – Sulawesi
  • Project of Line Bay Substation 150 kV PT. PLN (PERSERO), Pikitring – Kalimantan
  • Line Bay & Trafo Bay 150 kV & 70 kV Tomohon Pikitring Sulawesi
  • Elektro – mekanik Substation 150 kV Majene – Mamuju, Sulawesi
  • Substation 2 Line Bay 150 KV Meppawah, West Kalimantan
  • Elektro – mekanik Substation 150 kV Lopana & Kotamobagu, Sulawesi – Kamodjang Project, Garut
  • Substation 150 kV of Polmas – Majene
  • Substation 70 kV Parigi – Sulawesi
  • Substation 150 kV Barikin – Kalimantan
  • 1 Line Bay 150 KV Substation Gumawang – Lampung
  • 1 Line Bay 150 KV Substation Sribawono – Lampung
  • 1 Line Bay 150 KV Substation Palaran – Kalimantan
  • 1 Line Bay 150 KV Substation Menggala – Lampung
  • GI 70 kV and 150 kV South Sulawesi area
  • Substation Amuntai 150 kV Barikin Kalimantan
  • GI 150 kV Gumawang
  • Substation 150 kV – Muara Bungo
  • Support for Gunung Megang, Muara Enin – South Sumatera
  • DS-E Support Steel Structure 70kv
  • Substation 500 kV & 150 kV Tanjung Jati B